Absolute 4.0, k10, deep blue, mannen, kort

110.00 incl. btw.

  • New Colors Warm Series 21
  • Properties: Intense Trainings | Compressive
  • Range of use: 17ºC to 35ºC
  • Chamois padK10 with E.I.T carbonium flash fabric. Performance 8 hours.

Shorts designed for professional performance in the longest and most demanding rides and competitions. The new Absolute 4.0is a high performance garment with excellent compression and lightweight qualities.

Better fit and stability thanks to the new, more elastic and compressive straps. Slightly offset on the inside to optimize the ergonomics of the rider, in conjunction with the change of pattern and elastic strap.

These bib shorts Absolute 4.0 incorporates the new Chamois pad K10 exclusive design for Gobik by Elastic Interface® with antistatic, ultra-breathable and antibacterial E.I.T carbonium flash fabric thanks to the use of carbon yarns. In addition, its two different densities adapt perfectly to the cyclist’s anatomy.

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